“A great business at a fair price is superior to a fair business at a great price.” 

                                                                                                                                  –Charlie Munger


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A-6684 Capital is a private equity firm focused on identifying and acquiring operating businesses. We seek to purchase controlling stakes in companies that are profitable and build upon the work of its associates, managers and owners. Our approach to managing businesses is with a long-term horizon in mind, while consistently seeking maximum efficiency and always striving for operational excellence. 


We seek to build upon our past experiences of actively managing small and medium sized enterprises, in order to optimize existing structures and unlock value. While remaining agnostic with regard to specific industries and sectors, relevant investment opportunities are those that we can understand and where general management expertise is the predominant core competency required.


In a world where many companies are good enough, we seek to make them the very best that they can be by focusing on business fundamentals, applying common sense and approaching each challenge with humility and passion. The core values we adhere to and which are instrumental in enabling us to accomplish our shared goals are Meritocracy, Team Orientation and Learning & Development. By operating in such a manner, we are best positioned to leverage the skill sets of our team and work in a cohesive manner that enables us to achieve our objectives.  

Our firm's name is the specific identification number of Susan Rapaport, as originated in Auschwitz during the holocaust. Susan Rapaport is the maternal grandmother of our Founder and CEO and remains a guiding force with respect to the way in which we conduct ourselves and the values we adhere to. Susan’s strength and resilience are attributes that we wish to exemplify in our dealings, as is the pursuit of meaning in all that we do. 


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